Community Cooperation Challenge - COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Quebec City Global Shapers are mobilising to be positive agents in their community. 


The Hub has launched a Community Cooperation Challenge from March 31st to April 18th. As we cannot take group action in order to respect social distancing, each hub member will take part in 3 initiatives in the local community and convince at least 3 others in the same community to do so as well, which would thus collectively promote positive impact initiatives on our social media. 


We identified 3 particular areas of actions:

  1. Promote ‘buy local’ by:

    1. Partnering with, finding a developer to enhance the platform, adding new local shops and companies to the website and promoting it

  2. Contributing to 5 local non-profits and promoting opportunities and funding campaigns
    1. We individually will give time and money to 5 local non-profit and promote these opportunities

  3. Contributing and promoting our “community fridges”

    1. Quebec City has 5 “community fridges” where citizens can cook meals or buy food and leave it in the firdge so homeless people can have free and good quality food. We plan on personally cooking and leaving food there, and promoting the initiative so more people in the community know about this possibility


Hub members also :

  • volunteered and organized calls and outdoor animation for senior residences

  • crafted non-medical masks to give them to homeless people

  • gave blood and invited friends and family members to do so

  • work on a project to help people living with financial insecurity in the actual context