Community Sessions for Migration

The hub will run a series of one hour info/workshop sessions for Global Shapers and the broader Australian community. These sessions will equip individuals with the knowledge and support network (including follow up sessions) in taking actions that collectively will support the successful migration of individuals, particularly those in places of crisis, into Australia. Each session will include a 20-30 minute info talk (in a group zoom), a 20-30 minute workshop and Q and A time (with break out rooms) and a 10 minute buffer time. Each session will provide participants with 2-3 calls to action that either spread knowledge of opportunities to hire from overseas, sponsor humanitarian applications or support new migrants who are already here, and/or write letters and take actions that lobby for policy change. Each Q and A session will provide a list of orgs and resources in the space that interested individuals can connect with to take further action, after completing the 1-2 (or more) calls to action during our workshop. Our workshop will provide tools in the form of email templates, phone call scripts and a one pager of links, facts, talking points and tips. After a session we will encourage participants to come back for a second follow up session a week later, to receive support to follow through on their calls to action.