Community Solidarity

The objective of this project was to help local groups involved in COVID-19 response in the UAE that needed more outreach, and to target wastage caused by use of disposable masks – which are now mandatory to wear in the UAE. As such, the Dubai Hub led two solutions that were running in parallel: 

1) Working as a connector between those who wanted to support efforts and those who needed support

2) Collaborating with the Bangalore and Abu Dhabi hubs in making videos and promotional content around wearing cloth masks


Some of the core activities for this project included:

1) Researching local groups that were supporting COVID-19 response

2) Reaching out to them to understand what kind of support was needed

3) Sharing their needs on the Dubai Hub social media pages

4) Making a video in collaboration with Bangalore and Abu Dhabi hubs to show the correct way to clean a mask

5) Researching and got in touch with a local mask-making company to highlight local businesses around the UAE

Short-term goals and results:

While the mask initiative is still ongoing and more time is required to assess its impact, the Dubai Hub has managed to add to this date ~20 and over 200 engagements on our social media channels; increase Dubai Hub’s network as the hub personally reached out to all 10 organizations, which resulted in a partnership with TiEHustle – an initiative to support underserved communities in Dubai who have lost jobs and turn to entrepreneurship.