Balochistan Youth Against Corona: A community support system in Pakistan

Balochistan Youth Against Corona 

An initiative of the Global Shapers Karachi and youth volunteers from Balochistan

The dramatic rise of COVID-19 has disrupted lives across the world and Pakistan is no exception. UNDP ranks Pakistan at 152 out of 189 countries in the Human Development Index, making its population one of the more vulnerable in terms of coping with the crisis. We are witnessing job losses, loss of daily wages, and paucity of medical care affordability among others. These factors put people at the bottom of the pyramid most vulnerable.


Why Balochistan? While this holds true for majority of Pakistan’s 200 million population, there are still some segments of this population who are the most vulnerable even within this strata. Balochistan is the South-Western province of Pakistan which covers almost half of Pakistan’s land area bordering Iran and Afghanistan. According to the UNDP's latest report on Balochistan, 71% of the people live in multidimensional poverty. This implies that every 7 in 10 families in Balochistan is currently living in poverty. Similarly, the National Human Development Report, it ranks 31 out of 32 districts of Balochistan amongst the worst areas in terms of access to education, healthy life and standard of living. Making the matters worse, the province has a rigid terrain which makes it difficult for aid organizations go into the far flung villages and settlements. 


A youth response system, Balochistan Youth Against Corona (BYAC) was formed by Karachi Hub curator Mr. Sikander Bizenjo along with Ms Banari. The group has so far mobilized and trained over 130 volunteers and community champions and with their help have served monthly rations to over 12800+ needy and deserving people in over 42 villages of Balochistan and aim to continue serving. In addition, protective gears are also provided to doctors and other frontline workers. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) = 852; Face Masks = 4056; Face shields = 2556; Hand sanitizers/Soaps= 14200.


Goals: The main goal of the initiative is to provide food rations to 40,000 people in Balochistan who have no means to provide for their family’s food needs who are living on bare minimum. Additionally, the project targets to provide 1000+ healthcare workers with protective gear and face shields during this unprecedented global crisis.


Get involved 

a. Donate 

Please contact Mr. Sikander Bizenjo on TopLink or through email to get the banking details for donations.

b. Partnerships

The BYAC team firmly believes in all kinds of partnerships and collaborations. You can help them arrange virtual fundraisers or meetings, find supplier discounts, assist in ration bags delivery and transportation, connect with more donors or volunteers and become their ambassadors. They are open to exploring and finding ways to work with different stakeholders.


Point of contact:

Sikander Bizenjo (Co-founder BYAC and Curator Karachi Hub of Global Shapers)