Connect Our City Empower Our People

Our theme for our two proposals is "Connect Our City, Empower Our People". After reviewing the #shapingmycity2017 survey results, the hub realized that many Sacramento residents feel disconnected from the city government structure of Sacramento. The main proposal was to bring awareness to the Sacramento 311 app as well as promote the use of this public tool as a feedback mechanism. The project aimed to:

  • Provide the City of Sacramento with an audit and review of their existing 311 app

  • Meet with the City of Sacramento to discuss and build a common vision for the 311 app

  • Create a social media campaign to bring awareness to the 311 app by targeting Sacramento millennial audiences

  • Track downloads over time, sentiment through surveys as well as capture change in app review

The hub believed this mobile application could be a faster and more effective way in creating a feedback loop between residents and city government. S