Connect Palestine

Problem Statement: Connect Palestine aims to adresse the absence of effective platforms facilitating the connection between global businesses and marginalised Palestinian talent currently and in the aftermath of war.

Proposed Solution: Link economically marginalized Palestinians with valuable job prospects to rebuild their careers both within their local communities and on an international scale through a slack platform dedicated for this goal.


Project Activities: 

  • Onboard Palestinian job seekers onto the Slack platform.

  • Activate the network of Global Shapers to help create job opportunities for Palestinian job seekers.

  • Engage permanent coaches and career advisers to provide ongoing assistance and support to Palestinian job seekers.

  • Develop partnerships with nonprofits and organizations worldwide working toward the same goal to channel collective efforts effectively.


Long Term Change:

  • Support the economic empowerment of the Palestinian people.

  • Humanize discussions about Palestine in the workplace.


Available Metrics: To measure the impact of “Connect Palestine” project, the hub will be using a multi faceted approach:

  • Employment Metrics: Tracking the number of job placements, internships, and mentoring pairings facilitated by the initiative.

  • Skill Development: Assess the improvement in participants’ skills and qualifications through pre/post programme evaluations using surveys/assessments to measure gains in technical and professional competencies.

  • Participant Feedback: Collect and analyse feedback from people and partners to gauge satisfaction, perceived value, and areas for improvement.

  • Total number of hubs involved in the project and engaged in developing partnerships with local and international businesses willing to support Palestinians.

  • Total number of Palestinians on-boarded on the Slack platform.

  • Total number of organisations/recruiters that joined our Slack platform to provide support.

  • Total number of online events organised for career advice and development for Palestinians through our Slack platform.