The Consume Local Monterrey project was born amidst the immediate need we identified in our community to help local entrepreneurs. One of the biggest negative effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had in our city is not only the health risk, but also the economic downturn for the local business due to the Federal Government classification of essential/non-essential activities throughout Mexico. Many small and local business are struggling because they are not able to maintain their operation without regular income and face financial pressure to survive.

For this project we partnered with IMEF (Ejectutivos de Finanzas) Nueva Generación to achieve more communication reach in Monterrey.

With this project we seek to create awareness in our community about local entrepreneurs, their stories and their businesses in order to promote reaching out to them and supporting them during these months. We launched a communication campaign to become a promoting branch for these small businesses and made some entrepreneur-focused webinars to tackle important topics for them such as agile project implementation and innovation in times of crisis.