Corona Courage Odisha

During the testing times of pandemic, deceptive news and misleading information became widespread which led to panic, anxiety and fear among the people. Further, the complete lockdown in all the states in India, made mental health an utmost priority. To combat the spread of misinformation, and provide credible and reliable sources of information and resources, Global Shapers Bhubaneswar developed the Corona Courage Odisha mobile app. Along with providing verifiable information about the corona cases in Odisha, the app is also a treasure house of abundant mental health resources from WHO, UNICEF & GOI, copious open educational resources from various universities, links of several healthcare apps, numerous stories of corona warriors, links for donation to several NGOs working at the frontline and helpline numbers of government agencies. Corona Courage Odisha is an all-purpose, compact app for Corona in Odisha to share concrete data on corona, free resources for mental health, and educational resources.

The app was developed and designed by Shapers Avijit Tripathy and Sailesh Patnaik and the resources were compiled by Apurv Mishra and Krishna Moharana. It was made available in the month of April 2020 and is still in use. The app has provided free and open-source data to 40 million people throughout the state of Odisha.

Take a look at the app: