Coup de Pouce

As part of its mission of improving the state of the world, Rabat Hub team decided on partaking a new project that aims at helping the youth to develop a particular set of skills that would help them be more in control of their lives, and provide professional career orientation that would change their life paths in positive directions.
The project consists of a series of workshops under different themes based on the need of the participants. The targeted group will be young adults between age of 18 and 25 years old within the area of Rabat, Salé and Témara.
Why this initiative? The team believes in the importance of orientation for the youth, as many of them do not have the opportunity to attend and be part of trainings or workshops that would help them acquire knowledge and skills useful to their current or future careers.
The workshops will focus on different topics, based on different factors such as participants’ needs. However, the team would like to start with workshops stressing areas of Human Rights, Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship.
The team wishes to implement this project within a three-month time frame, starting from December 2013.