COVID-19 and Vulnerable Populations of Belo Horizonte: Allocating Resources

Several people from the Belo Horizonte communities have lost their jobs or are unable to exercise their profession due to social isolation. There are a significant number of families without income and starving, and it can worsen as the pandemic advances and the posterior economy recovery is delayed.

Some local initiatives have emerged to raise donations, convert them into basic food baskets and allocate them to such families. These initiatives were successful, but in a very localized way. In other words, there are many favelas, occupations and vulnerable groups that are not receiving support and do not have an easy access/communication channel.

Global Shapers Belo Horizonte articulated with community leaders and vulnerable populations to better understand their demands (location, number of families, types of donations) and facilitate the delivery of products to these locations. On the other hand, Shapers are also communicating with donors to better manage the donations (virtual card, products, vouchers) and help to direct them to locations and families who are in need, so that products are distributed more equally.

There were two fronts of action, one alongside the communities, to receive donations and identify people in need; and on another front, working with enterprises, institutions, and people with financial capital, to collect and distribute donations for communities. Shapers will be a bridge between these two actors and will be the interlocutor at the first moment, in order to facilitate the flow of donations.


The results of the project is below with the impact indicator we have mesured until now. - Families attended: 1271 - People attended: 5284 - Basic food basket: 3313 - Amout money donated (equivalent): R$332.700,00 ~ U$65713 - Community leadership mapped: 32