COVID-19 Consortium

The second wave of the COVID19 pandemic hit India in April, causing widespread distress across the country. Unlike the first phase of infections in 2020, the second wave was staggering in the case numbers and brought to light glaring deficiencies in our public health system.


The COVID Consortium project was started to identify hospitals and health institutions that needed essential medical supplies urgently, and to create a repository of requests. This was then shared with potential donors (corporates, private individuals) and we lobbied for them to help us procure the required equipment. The project team also helped facilitate logistics to deliver the equipment on time.


Hub members ran a social media outreach campaign to onboard willing donors, and once the details of their contribution were matched, the hub connected them with concerned health institutions like the National Health Mission, District Health Centers, Government Hospitals etc.


The total number of medical supplies procured included:

5-10 oxygen concentrators

1500 Adult oxygen masks

1500 Paediatric oxygen masks

200 nebulizers

1000 face shields

1000 N95 masks

200 pulse oximeters

2 ventilators

Total value of equipment supplied: Approximately INR 20,00,000 (20 Lakhs/ USD 26,800)

Collaborating organizations:

Government Medical College, Kannur

National Health Mission

UST Global (donor)

WAVE Refrigeration (donor)

This project ran from April 2021 to June 2021 and has been completed.