COVID-19: Customised and Targeted Awareness Campaign

The Faisalabad Hub is conducting an awareness campaign, recognising that ensuring the safety of the community at large requires a proactive approach. The masses do not clearly understand the messages about COVID-19 in the English language, therefore the campaign is centered around social media. Based on the available gap, the Global Shapers Community Faisalabad Hub has come at the forefront to lead the community for the awareness of COVID-19 in the language of their own. However, in the situation of quarantine, social distancing and lockdown, the campaign is planned in non-traditional ways. Firstly, the messages of the World Health Organization (WHO) are translated into Urdu/Punjabi, and a smart booklet along with short videos have been prepared. The dissemination of these messages is being done through social media and by utilizing a network of our partner organizations. Secondly, we have onboarded influencers to reach their audiences, and are also making announcements through mosques (targeted especially in the slum areas) to reach out to the general public. Lastly, in order to prepare the locals to curb the spread of the pandemic we are running an awareness campaign in partnership with the local radio station in which a set of messages are being broadcasted on half-hourly basis.