COVID-19: Global Situation and Strategic Direction

A major difference of the current pandemic compared to pandemics in the past is the widespread misinformation through different sources. This leads to panic, anxiety and fear among the global community. In addition to discussion on the existing situation in different countries, an important aspect is to discuss the role of youth in this unfortunate time and the strategic direction of the respective governments. For this purpose, Facebook live sessions were organized with the support of Global Shapers hubs around the globe in which the discussion revolved around the current pandemic situation in different regions. The goal of the process was for intellectual support and a collaboration with a think tank named Centre of Progress and Inclusive Development (CPID) was an impressive result. Topics explored included emergency ethics, role of community, strategy of governments and health practitioners, Sustainable Development Goals, e-learning for education among others. The series involved 32 Global Shapers hubs and was viewed by more than 15,000 people from all over the world.