COVID-19: Hand Sanitizer to Avoid Spread Among the Community

The role of hand sanitizer to control the spread of COVID-19 is widely recognized by medical practitioners all around the globe. However, the production base of hand sanitizer is not able to cater to the panic demand everywhere in the world. In response, the Global Shapers Community, Faisalabad Hub identified two gaps in Faisalabad. First, the need to provide support to health facilities and other demand-driven points, in collaboration with the local government. Second, a need to increase awareness among the community about the utilization of hand sanitizer. Accordingly, the hub arranged for the production of around 22 imperial gallons (100,000 bottles of 100 ML each) with the support of local industry, which has a market value of around US$ 500,000. 90 percent of the hand sanitizer that was produced has already been distributed to the district government, Faisalabad International Airport, medical hospitals, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi jails (for prisoners), general public and partner organizations. The hub would like to thank The University of Faisalabad, 92 News, Madina Private Limited and the District Government Faisalabad for collaborating. The project has addressed the issue of markup pricing, the shortage and the need for awareness among the community. Global Shapers Faisalabad Hub is fully motivated to play its part and stand for the community at this critical time of the pandemic.