COVID-19 in South Asia: Joint Webinar Series by Shapers in Pakistan and India

The entire world is struggling to fight the deadly COVID-19 outbreak and South Asian countries are of no exception. Some reports even suggest that if not contained at this stage, the South Asian region maybe the most hit. The fight against this virus is seen on every level; from a global scale to local municipalities. Everyone is fighting their own fight. However, the challenges do not end in fighting the virus only. The challenges are far beyond, including: mental distress, paucity of routines, changing lifestyles etc. 

Pakistan and India are united by a common heritage, language, culture and history. With this common enemy of COVID-19, the countries have a good chance to bond and defeat it together. Finding a silver-lining in these troubled times, we are starting a webinar series between four hubs to start a dialogue and share our lives during this period, imagining the kind of world we want to live in the post-corona. The biweekly Sunday webinar will feature Shapers discussing about anything and everything. From ranting about our government to our mutual love for Bollywood.