COVID-19 in South Asia: Joint Webinar Series by Shapers in Pakistan and India

Global Shapers Karachi hub in collaboration with Islamabad Hub, Bangalore Hub and New Delhi Hub have initiated the Indo-Pakistan dialogue series. The aim of this dialogue is to bridge the gap between two neighbouring nations in the context of similar challenges during COVID-19 and beyond to a post-covid world.


The Challenge

When the entire world is united to grapple the challenge of COVID-19, South Asia should be no exception either. The global pandemic has shown the cracks in our existing fragile system. Everyone is fighting their own fight. However, the challenges do not end in fighting the virus only. The challenges are far beyond, including: mental distress, paucity of routines, changing lifestyles etc. 


The Opportunity

India and Pakistan in South Asia are two countries that have a long history of conflicts. Shapers in these troubled times saw an opportunity to initiative a dialogue and unite based on their common problems as well as heritage. The fight against this virus is seen on every level; from global to the local municipalities. This dialogue series will bring both Shapers and non-shapers together to discuss anything and everything that they may want. From our mutual admiration of Urdu Poetry to our crazy love for Bollywood, this safe space will be for anyone who wants a taste of what’s across the border through this virtual world.



A series of webinars/dialogues focusing on the following areas: 

  1. Well-being: Mental health and learnings during the times of Corona

  2. Humanity and international cooperation and solidarity: Are these the real vaccines for this pandemic? 

  3. Health and hygiene: How community solidarity is crucial for tackling this pandemic?

  4. Impact on different sectors: what changes can we expect in the future?

  5. Environment and climate crisis: Is slowing down essential for better living? 

  6. Entertainment and fun: How has Bollywood impacted your life? What are the movies that both countries are equally crazy of?



The impact of this is intended to bring the people of neighboring countries together. This will also aim to share our learnings with each other and we are coping up with life during extended periods of lockdown and  quarantines.  In addition, these dialogues will also serve as a platform for people from Pakistan and India to revisit their common heritage and cultural dynamics.  In essence, this is merely aimed to lighten the mood among shapers, viewers and everyone involved.  Pakistan and India do not always have to be about politics. 


The impact will be measured on the following three levels: 

  1. Individual/ Shaper: Be an open platform for Shapers from these regions to share their personal stories, experiences and challenges during this period and help learn coping mechanisms from each other;

  2. Hub/ community : Be a platform for sharing various COVID response projects from these regions and drive other hubs to start similar projects if they have the capacity to help their respective communities;

  3. Region: Analyze the impact this outbreak is going to have on these regions in the coming times and how we can develop resilience and support to face the changes and challenges and to be able to effectively utilize the opportunities that it brings along.


Impact analysis: 

  1. After each dialogue, the four hubs gather experiences, feedback, takeaways from attendees and share them as posts on all the social media handles of all the hubs. 

  2. Hubs will also keep a track of the number/names of hubs which started working on COVID response drawing inspiration from the content of these dialogues.