COVID-19 Relief Lahore

It has almost been a year since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Pakistan. Currently, the number of new COVID cases continues to rise. It has become an utmost focus of regulatory authorities to push the public into strictly following SOPs. Another lockdown in the country would further cripple the economy with many adverse effects and push more people below the poverty line. For this reason, Lahore hub has planned to work on an initiative in line with WHO’s goal for widespread mass awareness around COVID SOPs.

The intervention is designed around introducing reusable cloth face masks intricately stitched to perfection by local artisans. These reusable face masks will be distributed among low socio-economic communities for a longer impact. The idea is to prevent Lahore’s population from coronavirus and air pollution (smog). Cloth face masks will prove to be eco-friendly because they can be re-used several times after washing. This will result in less wastage such as that of surgical or other related masks. For this project, we are collaborating with Comprehensive Disaster Response Services, a Pakistan based NGO that is providing winter clothing to marginalised communities in Lahore and Track T, an organization working for the transgender community.

The goals of the project include:

  1. Reduce the spread of COVID-19

  2. Keep the project environmentally sustainable

  3. Reach out to marginalized communities in most need

  4. Guide the general public on healthy interventions by protecting themselves and others from disease

  5. Healthy collaborations with grassroots organizations working for the citizens of Pakistan