COVID-19: Social Protection for Vulnerable People

In the times of global health emergency amidst COVID-19, Pakistan is currently practicing social distancing, quarantine, and closure of public and private sectors since March 23, 2020. As such, most of the formal and informal sectors of the economy are in a state of lockdown. This situation has put the marginalized segments of society into a difficult position; daily wagers are unable to find any work for their sustainability. In these testing times, Global Shapers Community, Faisalabad Hub took an initiative to provide social protection to the 2500 vulnerable families, initially for 30 days. The financial requirement of around Rs. 7 million was met through mobilizing the community. In addition to 500 underprivileged families identified by Umeed and Rawayat each, 1500 families were identified through engaging our community members in the district. Following WHO protocols for pandemic disease, the distribution was made by volunteers.