COVID Accelerator

During March 2020, as the number of Covid-19 cases rose globally, we launched an accelerator program to support startups/innovators/makers in developing & scaling solutions to address the pandemic. 

The accelerator was a structured plan of action for each innovator, matched with a pool of mentors. We also provided network connections to Government Agencies, Certification Labs, Funding through Grants. Several partners were involved in the project, and we also received support from Twilio as an in-kind grant of $2000. 

29 applications were received and 7 were supported through the accelerator program, 23 were mentored. The initiative was also highlighted by Asian Development Bank. 

The impact parameters were -

- No of Applications

- Support Provided  

- Funding Disbursed

- Mentoring Sessions

- # Partnerships

The project concluded in August 2020.