COVID Consortium 2.0 - Smartphone Sponsorship Programme

The COVID Consortium 2.0 - Smartphone Sponsorship Programme was aimed at providing smartphones for e-learning to students in the community of Priyadarshini Tea Estate, Wayanad, Kerala. This helped improve learning outcomes and make up for the lack of digital connectivity in the area.


The community in Mananthavady, Wayanad District, is highly marginalized when it comes to learning and educational outcomes. The target group of students belongs to ethnic groups like the Paniyas, Kurumas, and Adiyars. They are children of plantation workers in the area and were struggling in the past year due to a lack of smartphones to attend online classes, necessitated by the COVID pandemic.


In July 2021, the Trivandrum Hub received a request from Sreelakshmi IAS, the Sub-Collector of Wayanad, for around 20 smartphones/e-learning devices for the students. The request was received through one of the hub's Shapers and was taken up for consideration by the hub. The project team identified and shortlisted potential sponsors who would be able to procure smartphones for the children. Shapers reached out to CSR teams in these organizations and pitched it to them. UST Global, a major IT multinational in the city, took up our request. The Trivandrum Hub liaised with sponsor UST Global to connect them with the Wayanad Collectorate. Shapers helped finalize the transfer of 20 smartphones for an estimated amount of 4 Lakhs ($5,500).


Results and Available Metrics: 

  • UST took the lead in procuring the materials and smartphones to the tune of $5,500 (4 Lakhs). The project received sponsor sanction in July 2021 and the handover was completed in August 2021

  • The 20 students received the phones directly from the Sub-Collector. It enabled them to stay at home and access their school classes without stepping out during the COVID lockdown period.

Short-term impact: met the short-term need for e-learning devices for students to continue their education without disruption.

Long-term impact: Forged a relationship with the Wayanad Collectorate, which led to partnering with them on more projects for education and digital connectivity.