Cuida São Luís

Problem Statement:

Groups and communities in vulnerable contexts in São Luís need to have access to basic needs items so they can keep isolation and social distancing measures during the pandemic. 


Target Group:

Groups and communities in vulnerable contexts that got more exposed to COVID-19.


Proposed Solution:

“Cuida São Luís” was a campaign to increase donations for groups and communities in vulnerable contexts, such as flooding victims and homeless, who are more exposed to COVID-19 because of the difficulty to access basic needs items to protect from the virus; by facilitating donations from people in isolation and social distancing through logistics outsourcing.

The selected institutions were “Movimento de Pessoas de Rua”, that distributes essential items for homeless people in São Luís and “Batucando a Esperança” an initiative, at Vila Palmeira community, for vulnerable kids to take music classes, that also provided shelter for families that lost their homes due to flooding in march 2020.


Hub Activities:

  • Fundraising campaign

  • Food and hygiene products purchase

  • Donations delivery  


Short & Long-Term Goals/Results:

The main goal was to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable people and communities by granting food and personal hygiene items so people don’t need to expose themselves and their families to the virus in order to work.


The expected results were:

100 food supply and personal hygiene kits

R$ 7.000,00 in cash donations


Available Metrics:

# Hygiene’s kits and staple basket products

# Donors

# R$ in donation

# Benefited families

# Collaborators



“Movimento de Pessoas de Rua”

“Batucando a Esperança”