CyberGuard Yourself

There are no organizations in Skopje that are trying to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats. The number of cyberattacks is on the rise, and the cybersecurity skills gap remains the same. General carelessness and failure to follow security policies and procedures top the list of Human Errors. The 2019 SANS Security Awareness Report made a conclusion that this is the era of awareness training.

We are using technology everywhere, at any time, but do we know how to protect our data? A system is only as strong as its weakest link – often this Link is a human working on the Internet. This is a global issue, but in order to overcome it, we have to start at the individual level.

The Global Shapers Skopje Hub solution to these challenges covers:

1. Development of a practical Guide for basic Cybersecurity education to young people in Skopje. The Guide will educate young people about phishing attacks, social engineering, how to browse the Internet safely, how to protect their devices, and how to avoid data leakage. After reading the Guide the readers would be able to become much aware of the cyber-attacks and would gain basic skills to protect their data and devices.

2. An online Webinar organized with possible collaboration with other partners from other Hubs.

This project activities in specific will include:

- Launching an online survey (for creating a baseline of Cyber Security


- Creating a practical Guide for Cyberguard on Macedonia and Albanian language. 

- Information materials

- Webinars with other Hubs. 

- Training for 40 participants (2 groups, 2h and 30 min each) for young people, age 18-25. 

* The project activities will be realized on a regular level and continuously.  

The goal is to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats and educate young people on how to protect their data online.

The measurable goals of the project are:

#youth reading the "Guide to Cyberguard"

#youth attending the Webinar and to the trainings.

#viewers of on-line informative materials.

The English version of the Guide for basic Cybersecurity education to young people can be found on the following link: