Cycle to Work

As cities are thriving with urbanization, the number of gasoline vehicles on the road is on the rise leading to an increase in air pollution and congestion. Bangalore city alone has over 10 million registered vehicles. The transportation sector is one of the largest polluting sectors in the city and its emissions contribution is on the rise primarily driven by road transport. It is important to promote sustainable commute options through cycling in the city of Bangalore that will not only reduce emissions and congestion but also promote a healthy lifestyle. One of the major challenges in increasing the adoption of cycling for commute is the myths surrounding safety, weather, and road conditions.


Global Shapers Bangalore Hub are doing a Cycle to Work interview series to bring stories of green commuters who are cycling to work from diverse groups like women, unorganized sector employees, startup & IT sector employees, government employees, etc. and publish their inspiring stories, bust myths around cycle to work and encourage more citizens in Bangalore to take up cycle to work.

Goals are to increase the adoption of the cycle to work in the city of Bangalore by:

  • Increasing awareness among the citizens around the benefits of the cycle to work

  • Busting myths surrounding cycle to work and nudge policymakers to create a favorable ecosystem.


Impact is identifying and bringing cycle 2 work stories from diverse groups, creating awareness sessions, increasing workplaces with a favorable environment to promote cycle to work and nudging policymakers.