Cycling groups - The bike for more sustainable and inclusive cities

Problem statement: People living in the periphery of Mexico City spend up to 6 hours per day commuting due to inefficient public transport. The bike can decrease their commute time by up to 50% while contributing to reducing motorized mobility’s demand and pollution. However, many people don’t dare to commute on bikes because of fear and intimidation of being surrounded by cars all by themselves.

Proposed solution: The Global Shapers Mexico City Hub has launched the Cycling Groups project which objective is to develop cycling groups guided by an experienced cyclist during rush hours for people from the city’s periphery heading to work or school.

Target audience: People living in the peripheries of Mexico City suffering from lack of mobility options.

Short-term goals: To help beginners and urban cyclists in general feel more secure by being surrounded by other cyclists and by being guided during the journey. 

Long-term goals: To create more cyclists to solve our traffic problem, create a more inclusive city by reducing commute time to the periphery areas, and to contribute to less air and noise pollution, fewer fatal traffic accidents, and more physical activity.  

Available metrics: In our first edition, we reached:

  • 6 cycling groups held

  • 118 people registered 

  • 8 volunteers from cyclist organizations to be the groups guides

  • 14 broadcasts by relevant Mexican media (TV, radio and newspapers)

  • 226 K impacts on social media

Collaborators: Mexican urban cyclist collectives "Nezacleteando" and KOL from the cycling community in Mexico City.