Bike Buses (In Spanish "Caravanas Ciclistas")

About the issue

Beyond air pollution, car-centred cities are also slaughtering our green areas, the fewest we have left. Mexican cities face constant deforestation and habitat destruction just to make room for more roads and parking spaces.


That is why we started a nationwide movement to promote the bike as a commute mode in cities. Bikes’ infrastructure is less intrusive than cars’; also, bikes generate zero carbon emissions, require fewer natural resources than cars, and solve our traffic problem.


If we truly want to protect our cities' climate, electric cars are not enough. We must reshape our entire mobility system. We must focus on switching towards more sustainable options such as cycling, walking, or shared mobility. And that’s exactly what our initiative is pursuing.

About the project

We teach and support people in Mexico to commute by bike to their work, reducing air pollution and car demand.


How exactly?


We identified that many don’t dare to use bikes because of fear and intimidation of being surrounded by cars by themselves. So we organised cycling sessions heading to common work areas, where we all travel together, and an experienced cyclist leads the participants along the entire route, ensuring they feel supported and guided. We also rented bikes for free for those who don't own one yet.


This peer-support environment and beginner-friendly approach smooths the adaptation process of starting commuting by bike.


  • 46 people have joined my cycling groups

  • 96.6 kilos of CO2 reduced during our 5 cycling group editions.

  • 19 media channels broadcasted our work (tv, radio, newspapers and news portals) 

  • +300,000 viewers and readers reached thanks to our presence in the media

  • 336,000 social media users reached

  • 6 signed partnerships: 1 local government, 3 cyclist organisations and 2 civil society organisations.