Davos Future Talks: Contruindo nosso Futuro

Problem Statement

Young people are the most affected demographic when it comes to the world's rising socio-economic, political and environmental crises. Yet, they are also the best placed to lead the transition to a more equitable world. This is one of the key findings of the world's first Youth-Driven Recovery Plan developed by the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Community, a network of 14,000 inspiring young people driving dialogue, action and change.Marking the community's tenth anniversary, the plan features 40 policy recommendations to help policymakers integrate the voices of the next generation into recovery efforts. It features the insights and ideas of more than 2 million people, who participated in surveys and dialogues in more than 150 cities and 180 countries. This plan encompasses their hopes for a better future.

Target Group

Citizens of Joinville

Proposed Solution

The Joinville Hub launched the project Davos Future Talks: Building our Future which is a Podcast series created and maintained by Joinville Hub members. The idea came after the organization of the Davos Lab to continue the dialogues, giving a voice to young people in our city and spreading our ideas through social media, in order to reach a greater number of people.

In addition to the topics covered in the Davos lab, we intend to address topics such as SDG agendas, as we perceive the local demand and global need for dialogue.

Short and Long-Term goals:

  • Give young people a voice.

  • Acting in the discussion of ideas, exchanging information and, thus, acting in the construction of a fairer future.

  • Publicize the discussions so that more people in our communities have access and our voice is expanded.

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