Davos Lab Brazil

Problem Statement

Brazilian youth need their voice heard by government and industry in order to action a youth-drive recovery to the pandemic.

Target Group

Brazilian youth and their allies, government, industry

Proposed Solution

The Global Shapers Community has launched the Davos Lab - Building Our Future initiative, which aims to inspire, empower and connect young people to think of responses to the Covid-19 pandemic and other convergent crises. By aggregating the insights, ideas and concerns of citizens and stakeholders in more than 150 countries around the world, Davos Lab aims to create a recovery plan aimed at young people, presenting tangible actions to create a better future.

Hub Activities

In Brazil, 12 hubs joined and, with the support of strategic partners, we held panels, workshops, local dialogues and a survey on the pillars chosen by the Global Shapers Community.

The 10 pillars included in this project were: Economics, Technology, Climate Emergency, Leadership and Politics. 

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Short & Long-Term Goals/Results

Engage diverse young Brazilian leaders in all regions of the country to schedule debates of The Great Reset Initiative in the search for alternatives for recovery of our country post pandemic. And for that, we acted on two fronts:

- Civic Mobilization/Engagement;

- Collect people's perception of the themes and systematize.


We did a report about the event Davos Lab Brazil, defining the profiles of respondents:

● The points of greatest interest/concern of the respondents;

● Whether respondents are optimistic or pessimistic about the future;

● The actors responsible for building solutions in the perception of respondents (individuals, organized civil society, third sector, business sector or government);

● If, for respondents, the solutions go through more individual or collective measures.

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