Decídete México

#DecídeteMéxico was the first inter-hub project in Mexico. It combined the talent, creativity, voice and networks of Mexican Shapers under one goal: to promote the civic engagement of Mexican youth in the federal elections of 2018. Shapers worked towards strengthening the democratic system in Mexico by increasing the important and crucial participation of young people who are shaping policies towards a better future. This project was in partnership with the Monterrey Hub, Morelia Hub, Mexico City Hub, Tijuana Hub, Guadalajara Hub, Puebla Hub, Cuernavaca Hub, Culiacan Hub, Leon Hub and Aguascalientes Hub.

Some examples of collaboration events that #DecídeteMéxico and the Mexican Shapers have promoted in the country to strengthening an active youth democracy are the following:

  1. Presidential Debate free viewing in Cinépolis cinemas across the country and La Fiesta del Debate Cities: Monterrey, Morelia, Mexico City, Puebla, Aguascalientes, Tijuana, Cuernavaca, León, Guadalajara, Culiacán. The viewing was done in collaboration with: Fundación Cinépolis, Ollín Jóvenes por México, Enseña por México, COPARMEX and Kybernus.

  2. Elections Debate Panel #DecídeteMéxico 2018 City: Mexico City Collaboration with Collective Academy, Ollín Jóvenes por México, Hunters, Archipiélago and Centro CDMX.

#DecídeteMéxico’s structure was built of the following 5 teams with multidisciplinary Shapers from different Hubs in Mexico: Project Management, Alliances and Local Links, Intelligence and Content, Design and Creativity and Strategic Communication. The Global Shapers community working on #DecídeteMéxico formed alliances with strategic organizations in order to promote an active youth democracy in Mexico, Shaper teams were not only working in the first inter-hubs format in Mexico, but also in an inter-organizations format by promoting an open collaboration in the country and sharing the Global Shapers values with more youth organizations. 

Shapers in Mexico were sparking a conversation on social media through panel discussions and events around the general elections that took place in Mexico on 1 July 2018. #DecídeteMéxico’s main goals were the following:

  • Encourage youth democratic participation through voting and electoral observation.

  • Eliminate the existing taboos on engaging in electoral activity and promote the participation of the selected youth to help with the implementation of the national voting system.

Shapers in Mexico sparked a political conversation on social media, using #DecídeteMéxico, through panel discussions and events around the general elections that took place in Mexico on 1 July 2018.

Young people engaged in a round of debates on the largest election in Mexico's history.

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