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Problem Statement

Young people in Mexico need to become actively involved in political participation to build a strong and just democracy in the country. The low political participation of young people is a significant obstacle on the path towards a more robust and fair democracy in Mexico and should be effectively addressed. According to INEGI, only 17% of young people aged 18 to 29 voted in the presidential elections of 2018.


Target Group

Young people between 18 and 29 years old in Mexico.


Proposed Solution

We will periodically produce and perform information sessions, flyers, forums and events to provide young people with all the information about all political candidates as the voting season approaches.


Hub Activities

Gantt diagram:


Available metrics (To be measured)

Measurements of Success (MoS):

Total amount of participants in the forum.

Total amount of viewers in the livestream.

Total of flyers printed.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) :

Average of the rating of the forum once is finished.

Percentage of the number of positive comments regarding the forum once is finished.



Main Objective:

The overall impact objective is to encourage civic engagement in young people aged 18 to 26, promoting voting participation and increasing awareness about the available political options.


Short term:

  1. Organize and facilitate interactive virtual forums for young people aged 18 to 26, addressing the importance of voting, the political system, and electoral options.

  2. Create and disseminate engaging informational material through digital platforms to increase awareness about candidates, their proposals, and the electoral process, promoting participation in the virtual forums.

  3. Establish partnerships with educational and community institutions to collaborate on organizing virtual forums that facilitate dialogue between young people and candidates, fostering direct online interaction.

  4. Develop an awareness campaign highlighting the relevance of civic participation, emphasizing how voting can positively impact their community and lives, utilizing virtual forums as a key platform.


Long term:

  1. Implement follow-up strategies to assess the increase in electoral participation among the target population and measure the level of knowledge acquired on political issues through active participation in virtual forums.

  2. To create periodical campaigns where young lead volunteers can create even more events and among other tools to get information.


Long Term Change:

We are looking to form a culture of informing yourself about the political candidates and all the details necessary to know how to vote according to the ideals of each person.


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