Delivering Medical Equipment to COVID-19 Heroes

In Mexico, most of the doctors must buy their own medical equipment to treat COVID-19 patients or similar diseases. Unfortunately, they do not have enough money to buy it, so they are in serious danger if they do not receive the proper equipment. They need our help!


Proposed Solution: Collect donations, register hospitals that lack material, and deliver and monitor the delivery of masks


The startups Nuda Est and Prothesia are working together to make medical masks through 3D printing and deliver them in hospitals that have a shortage of medical equipment. Global Shapers Merida and Morelia Hub contact and register the hospitals or medical centers in need.


Nuda Est gives the e-commerce platform to sell the Prothesia’s medical masks. People who want to donate, visit the web site and buy the masks as a way of donating. Nuda Est gets the donations and when the number of masks are enough, it sends the package to a responsible party at the hospital. This person distributes the masks to doctors and nurses.


Nuda Est and Prothesia get no profit at all, they only cover the manufacturing cost, payment method cost, and delivery cost.


Hospitals that require the equipment can register through a form available in the Nuda Est and Prothesia website.


Once the hospital is registered, a call is made for verification of the doctors' data. These data help us to know the status of the donation. To deliver transparency in the project, a weekly database of all the donations is published at


Merida Hub and Morelia Hub are working together in order to:


  1. Promote donations.

  2. Register hospitals and medical centers with equipment needs.

  3. Audit the donations after delivery in order to prove they were effectively used.