DendiCasa (AtHome)

 As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our citizens suffer from anxiety and the ultimate need to occupy themselves without leaving their houses. Considering that, the Global Shapers - Fortaleza HUB decided to provide our followers on social media with a guide for survival in quarantine times as well as healthy habits that Shapers are cultivating at home. 


The campaign’s name is #AtHome, or in Portuguese: #DendiCasa, which is a reference to the traditional accent of Fortaleza’s population. We chose to use this regional speaking in order to properly engage our local community.


The hub was very excited about the project's reach and we strongly believe that social media will be a fundamental tool for engaging people from all over the world on the coronavirus challenge. Here is the link to our impact report:


The project’s target group was people affected by COVID-19. 


The project started in April, 2020 and finished in June, 2020. 


In terms of short-term results,  our followers that engaged the campaign were encouraged to stay home, raising a sense of collectivity support and awareness about the importance of the social isolation during the pandemy of Covid-19.


As a matter of long term change, this information can’t be presented once the data is still being evaluated at the moment.



Impact Area:

  • Reaction to pandemic state


Activities Developed:

  • Content production and divulgation on social media

  • Development of an app to encourage people to stay home

  • Team coordination to organize the activities and publishes on social media

Available Metrics:

  • People impacted per week: 541,1

  • Total of times our posts have been seen: 18.546

  • Total of unique accounts that saw our posts: 3.788

  • Number of stories published: 126

  • Total number of posts: 148

  • Actions that people take when they engage: 738

  • 4 shapers participated of the project


  • This was an initiative unically conducted by Fortaleza Hub.