Problem Statement:

Mumbai is known as “Maximum City,” for it’s energetic, dynamic and multicultural booming population, housed in a small peninsula. Beneath the surface, there are hundreds of cultures, castes and communities, many of whom don’t often engage with each other. Moreover, technology has rapidly changed culture norms (for instance Tinder has the highest level of growth in the world in India, which defies the traditional arranged marriage scenario) causing us to break these silos of operation. 


Proposed Solution:

The Mumbai Hub's 'Shapers Dialogues'  are an effort enable cross pollination of people, cultures and communities and ideas and create bridges to foster a more inclusive society in the context of the 4IR. Shaper Dialogues feature conversation with a combination of thought leaders, artists, politicans, civil society leaders, academics and private sector representation with the objective to understand, analyze and embrace the opportunities offered by the 4IR to improve the livelihoods of Mumbai's 15 million residents.



Mumbai Shaper community’s network and expertise; Presence of diverse event partners to facilitate a multi-stakeholder forum; In-kind partnerships (for space, knowledge, and facilitation)



-Strategic partners for conferences and events (Sankalp Forum, German Chamber of Commerce);

-Subject matter experts (from diverse fields like climate activists, education leaders, business leaders, researchers and scientists, youth leaders, media & entertainment industry representatives, among others);  

-Logistics partners for the Event space (including co-working spaces like WeWork, Rise, etc, and Educational institutions like TISS) 



  • Organized 5 Dialogues and enabled constructive debates/ interactions with >200 people

  • First organization to host a Dialogue on Climate Change specifically from Mumbai's perspective 

  • Past partners include Indo German Chamber of Commerce and Sankalp Global Summit 

  • Plan to create more Dialogues, focused on specific themes such as Coastal Road Projects and need for collaboration to achieve SDGs. Moving forward we aim to host >3 dialogues reaching >200 people every year


Short Term Goal :

  • Partner with impactful events where stakeholders from multiple spheres of society are represented 

  • Host panel discussions and debates in these events 

Long Term Goal

  • Set the agenda, drive the conversation and along with the partners, create an avenue for community engagement focused on relevant issues of the hour