Digital Female Fellowship


Women need access to learning offers as well as empowering technology-positive community and network to be unlocked for economic participation and opportunities in technology fields.


In Europe: Women, women with migration background, women of colour.


Our solution aims to create a community where women can flourish in the technology dialogue and access learning and work opportunities with certification options. The DFF community fosters interest in technology and digitalization. It empowers and enables women to approach learning and working opportunities in IT fields.


To create a female-tech positive community and learning opportunities we are offering online courses on technology topics. Each course-series is dedicated to one topic and consists of three different courses. For the participation in all three courses of a series, a certificate is issued. The course-series is specifically designed to provide an overview of each topic, including a technical, practical, and ethical introduction: The first course deals with a technical deep-dive in relation to the topic of the series. The second course is about practical application fields in business, public policy, or arts and culture. The third course consists of insight into ethical considerations and responsible use. 

Video interviews with female leaders in technology make a community of Role Models accessible.


Sparking women’s interest in technology topics, gaining a following via our social media channels.


All women that participated in our courses have a profound understanding of different technologies (e.g. AI/ML, algorithms, apps, platform technologies…) and are able to identify their influences on the fields they’re working in and the environments they’re part of (e.g. private sector, health, education, policy-making…). The target group is able to participate in decisions and innovations that are at the interface with tech. They decide to pursue tech education, enter careers in tech-roles, get promoted to relevant roles.


  • 2 role model video-interviews with women leaders in tech (target minimum 6)

  • 66 followers across all platforms (LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram) within the 1st week

  • 19 participant sign-ups for the 1st series

  • Survey for feedback on attitude towards technology, and the courses


  • Wien Hub

  • SWANS initiative

  • AI Future Lab