Digital Health Explorers

In healthcare the start-up scene is progressively taking on the urgent challenges. Artificial intelligence has already evolved from a futuristic promise into an unavoidable reference point for innovation. Nonetheless, due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, various regulatory changes and technological advancements, 2020 made us experience the vital role that digital technologies can and increasingly should play in the healthcare ecosystem. 

The need for medical specialists who are able to navigate easily in the technological realm now is more relevant than ever. Today medical education trains for clinical care and scientific research, but not for innovation management and engineering. The Vilnius Hub believes that physicians need to become dual-role innovators: it’s not enough to just sit back and watch how the healthcare system is changing. In the ideal case, doctors should become the ones driving this change forward. The doctors and nurses need to have their say as they know best what the challenges they face in everyday practice. However, this requires an understanding of what digital innovation is and how could it be applied.


Digital Health Explorers is a platform for the rise of Data-Driven Doctors.

With the upcoming innovation in healthcare webinar series we will break it down for you: what is medical innovation; how it works; how to drive it forward and how to become a true medical innovator yourself. 

Hackathons and mentorship programs will follow up after you have gained some insights towards becoming a healthcare innovator. You will have an opportunity to test your ideas in practice and learn from most prominent medical and innovation leaders.     


Digital Health Explorers is a community, where all aspiring medical entrepreneurs can gather, adapt, create, share, build, discuss, you name it. And the Vilnius Hub is here to support knowledge for accessibility, affordability, efficiency and inspire you for your new projects and interests in future health!

In January and February, all main speakers and webinar topics will be announced on Digital Health Explorers community page. In February and March all technical details will be prepared for the webinar series. 


First webinar series will be launched on March 6 and March 13. Each session will take around 5 hours. In the webinar series these topics will be covered: “Motivation speech”, “Startup ecosystem”, “Success stories from startups”, “AI”,  ,,Healthcare economics’’, “Health management tools”, “Value based healthcare”. These webinar sessions will be repeated every semester for students from different disciplines and the topics will be reviewed according to their feedback.


After the webinars every participant will have gained basic knowledge about startups, innovative tools and fundamentals business processes. By gathering participants in the community there will be new opportunities for a startup boom in the medical field.