Digital PI

Our Digital Pi fundraising project has now come to an end. Thanks to many people’s kind donations, we have raised £1001, which we have used to buy and deliver 15 Raspberry Pi 400 devices and assessories to Intouniversity Students!


Here you can find a brief history and some pictures of our project, as well as the Digital Inclusion organisations we have worked with to make this project happen. 


Our Projects History


Our project idea was sparked in September 2020 by Flaviu sending a DM on Twitter to the founder of Raspberry Pi Foundation to ask if we could source cost price devices to provide to students who did not have access to computers at home in Manchester, England. They replied that this would be possible, Flaviu explained this opportunity at a following hub meeting and myself, Jenny and Vishal joined the team. 


We met up to plan how we can deliver this project and who we would give the devices to. We connected with Intouniversity North Manchester, which supports young people to attain university places and to pursue their career aspirations, who were happy for us to work together to decide the nature of our fundraiser, and so our Digital Pi project was born!


Our Project Goals

We decided the core of our project would be to raise the fund necessary to buy the devices and to deliver them to the students. We also wanted to connect the students with the free learning opportunities that are available online and spotlight local Digital Inclusion work on our social media channels. With details to be decided and research to be done, both these goals seemed achievable and exciting to partake in.


The fundraiser


We decided to do Euros Sweepstakes at our places of work, and to take on personal challenges (running 100km in 20 days) to try to raise money. Over a period of two months we were able to reach our target of being able to buy 20 Raspberry Pi 400 devices for the students of IntUniversity. Through our research, we were also able to make our social media campaign about highlighting facts on the importance of local digital inclusion projects. 

Thank yous


Thanks to the Raspberry Pi Foundation for the work they continue to do in providing affordable and powerful computers and free training to those wanting to learn coding.


Thanks to IntoUniversity for guidance on the needs of their students and ideas that we went on to use for our fundraiser. 


Thank you to everyone who got involved in our Euros sweepstake and 100km in 20 days running challenges, your contributions have made a difference to aspiring students.