Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many people are trying to stay at home attempting not to spread this virus.

In Colombia, the common social norms require frequent physical contact and much economic activity depends on informal employment on the streets. This makes it extra difficult to motivate or enforce people to remain indoors.

Therefore, the Medellin Hub is creating a repository of best practices online by asking people from the rest of the world to share how are they dealing with their isolation. The outcome will be to create a local guide, customised for the city's culture, collecting a repository of activities to do at home:

  1. How to spend quality time with your loved ones, at home and virtually

  2. How to play or study with their kids

  3. How to remain physically and mentally healthy

  4. How to support others who are in need, like the elderly or people whose economic activity is based on the informality.

The Medellin Hub believes it is important to serve as a catalyser of hope and enable this hope to unite the citizens in this time of need. For now, the Hub has started to share this information through the hashtag #enjoyathome (English) or #disfrutaencasa (Spanish).