Documented Birth Project

For every child being a born, a birth certificate is required by the government of every state and nation. This helps the government monitor its population growth rate as it elaborates strategies for the wellbeing of its population. A certification of birth contains important details that accurately identify the person, the information about the name of the parents, the place, date, sex, and general information on the status of the child. As a citizen of any country, it is your right to have your own copy of your birth's certification as well as the members of your family such as your mother and father.
Equally in its pledge to ensure the success of its social democracy policy, the state requires each and every citizen to be in possession of a national identification card necessary for the exercise of civic and

Political rights and the enjoyment of the social and economic and cultural benefits put in place by the state, thus ensuring the wellbeing of individuals in the society.

The Douala Hub is actively involved in what is known as the Birth Documentation Project. As a matter of fact, we did some inquiries and came to realise that many people in our society do not have birth certificates. This aspect which seemingly appears to touch only pupils goes as far as touching some adults. People tend either not to see the need for this, or most of them just lack the orientation on how to go about establishing one. Others are just victims of circumstances. The birth of a child can bring happiness to the family and parent(s) will have to bear the responsibility in ensuring that the child is raised properly so as to grow into a meaningful person, including in ensuring that the child is legally registered by means of a birth certificate. In many cases, parent(s) often overlook the need for obtaining birth certificates for their children despite the need to have them registered as legal citizens by way of the prevailing regulation.
What we fail to understand is that, this document is the 1st constitutional document entitled to every human being, which should give you a legal status in the society. Worst case scenario, you cannot be issued a national identity card (which identifies you as a citizen in a country) without a birth certificate.
It is for this reason and counting, that the Douala hub decided to target some primary schools and an orphanage, so as to identify a few children who are victims of such circumstances, and offer them birth certificates. In that light, we start by contacting the parents of these kids (for those in schools) and find out why the children are without this document. Thereafter, we can obtain a parental accord from them, to proceed in establishing same for the children, by going through all administrative red tape and other hurdles, at our own expense. As for the orphanage, we are still working on establishing a partnership with the Social Welfare in our community, which is directly in charge of orphanages. We are sure in due course, we shall be done with that, and then tackle the orphanages too.

Who knows........? Tomorrow they may become Global Shapers too.