Donation Drive of Sanitary Pads In Slums of Baramati

The economic crisis that has arisen due to COVID-19 has created challenges for girls in the slums around Baramati. Lack of access to sanitary pads has led to health and hygiene problems like UTI's and endometritis that not only cause daily discomfort but can also lead to cervical cancer, fibroids, and cysts that are often left unattended. The psychological impact of not being able to function during their period cycle not only damages the mental health of girls but impeeds on their education as many of them drop out of school.


To address these issues, the Baramati Hub in collaboration with local authorities put in place a project to not only donate sanitary pads to girls but also explain the importance of using them. The cost of 12 pcs of "Sobti" (locally produced hygienic sanitary pads) required for one menstrual cycle of one girl is Rs 39/-. The hub aims to distribute over 2,500 packets of sanitary pads in COVID affected slum areas.


Learn more on the Baramati Hub social accounts: Instagram - @globalshapersbaramati and Facebook - @gscbaramatihub.


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