Problem Statement: High school students in Mohammedia, Casablanca, and Rabat face a significant challenge due to limited exposure to diverse career paths, a lack of access to real-world experiences, and a dearth of mentorship options. This dearth creates uncertainty and hampers the ability of these students to make informed decisions about their future careers.

Target Group: The primary beneficiaries of this initiative are high school students enrolled in both public and private institutions in Mohammedia, Casablanca, and Rabat. Specifically, we aim to engage 200 students from Mohammedia city. The schools targeted for participation include:

Private Schools:

  • Babylone Academie School

  • Newtown International School

  • Jules Ferry

  • Pythagore

  • Miri

  • Rodin

Public Schools:

  • Abdelkrim Elkhattabi

  • Lycee Technique

  • Eljoullan

These schools have been selected based on their student population and their potential to benefit from the comprehensive career expo and mentorship program.

Proposed Solution: Our project proposes a multifaceted approach to address the identified challenges. We plan to organize a comprehensive career expo and success story webinars that expose students to a wide array of industries. Complementing this exposure, hands-on workshops and a mentorship program will be implemented to provide practical experiences and guidance. To ensure accessibility, we are collaborating with local transportation services, and the recruitment of student ambassadors will enhance on-the-ground support. Additionally, we aim to foster strong collaborative partnerships with educational institutions and businesses to amplify the impact of the program. Sponsoring organizations will play a crucial role in providing sustainable support, and a robust feedback mechanism will be in place to facilitate continuous improvement.

Hub Activities: The hub will embark on a series of carefully planned activities:

  1. Form an organizing committee and define roles to ensure efficient execution.

  2. Secure an appropriate event venue and initiate strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders.

  3. Identify and invite distinguished keynote speakers and workshop facilitators to enrich the student experience.

  4. Develop compelling promotional materials and launch an online registration platform to maximize participation.

  5. Finalize transportation arrangements and logistics to ensure seamless event execution.

  6. Conduct a two-day event featuring a career expo, success story webinars, interactive workshops, mentorship sessions, and networking opportunities.

  7. Gather immediate feedback from participants, speakers, and sponsors to assess the event's success.

  8. Conduct a thorough evaluation of the overall impact, identifying areas for improvement, and expressing gratitude to contributors.

Short and Long-Term Goals:

Short-Term Goals:

  1. Achieve a 90% participant satisfaction rate, indicating the success of the event.

  2. Foster a 30% increase in career awareness among participating students.

  3. Ensure that 70% of attendees express an intent to stay connected through robust networking.

Long-Term Goals:

  1. Witness a significant shift in career confidence among participating students.

  2. Have students make informed decisions based on diverse experiences gained during the forum.

  3. Foster enduring relationships with alumni mentors and industry professionals, influencing students' higher education choices and contributing to a more empowered and fulfilled workforce in the region.

Available Metrics: Metrics for evaluating the project's success include:

  • Number of participants and registration rates.

  • Level of engagement on social media platforms.

  • Diversity of schools involved, emphasizing inclusivity.

  • Percentage increase in public school student attendance, ensuring accessibility.

  • Commitments from speakers and sponsors, indicating external support.

  • Success of online engagement measured by platform activity.

  • Post-event feedback, including participant satisfaction and identified areas for improvement.