Dream Festival

Cebu Hub's Dream Festival culminated a year-long campaign to mobilize the dreamers of their city to take collective action. Young people came together to promote citizen engagement, drive environmental conservation, lead business development and advocate for quality education in their city. 

With the multitude of problems in Cebu, the Global Shapers Cebu Hub decided to gather the youth of Cebu and hear them out in order to prioritise and execute the most pressing issues, through the Dream Campaign Series. 

Through a three-pronged approach, the Global Shapers Cebu Hub collected the dreams of different youth stakeholders.

  • Dream Caravan - collection of the individual dreams of Cebuano youth

  • Dream Festival - celebration and declaration of the collective dream of the Cebuano youth

  • Dream-to-Action - activation of the Cebuano youth sector to act on the collective dream

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