Dreams Unzipped

Dreams Unzipped aims to ensure inclusive access to powerful mindset training that will become increasingly important in this fourth industrial revolution. We offer engaging workshops rooted in self-determination theory, designed to to empower students to develop healthy relationships with themselves. Through self-discovery and coaching, students develop an understanding of unique strengths and values. The self-awareness and spark are noticeable in real-time. With 14,000+ Global Shapers globally, we plan to reach youth worldwide.

Our founding New York team has confirmed Rutgers University Future Scholars, City College of New York, and most recently New York University as partners. These partnerships give us direct access to over 2,000 first-generation students we're committed to serving. Most recently, NYU's Changemaker Center awarded us a mini-grant to host a workshop on their campus for 30 first-generation students in December 2023. Rutgers’ Future Scholars is also adjusting their curriculum to count attendance to our workshops towards college credit in Spring 2024. Looking ahead, we plan to see many more workshops held January through February 2024 and build a decentralized model that ensures other hubs are empowered to do the same. 

In the face of unprecedented change and a looming mental health pandemic, a scalable intervention rooted in eudemonic wellbeing and positive psychology is imperative. We're committed to making sure those hardest-to-reach are supported. We've reached a few hundred students thus far and the clear impact has shifted our focus to build a decentralized model that can exponentially scale the reach to thousands of students next year. We are also creating a playbook for Global Shapers globally to learn the fundamentals of coaching, positive psychology, and workshop facilitation to share these tools with youth in their communities.