There are many little NGO and projects tackling waste issues in Nice. This project aims at uniting them and include public institutions and will in the movement.

The Hub is implementing this initiative by helping to create events that gather local NGOs, the city of Nice and the population around ecological topics and organize yearly events, among which:

* Beach Clean Up in Beaulieu-sur-mer in 2021

* World Clean Up Day - Together with dozens of engaged citizens, political figures and organizations, the Hub has collected 1.7 tons of waste and 85.000 cigarette butts. Together with the organizing partner, 10.000+ people reached via social media.

* NicePlogging - A weekly event is organized with partner Everyday.Earth to collect waste in the different neighborhoods of the city, gathering from 10 to 20 people every week in collaborating to clean-up the city.


* EarthDay - The hub participates in the international annual event to celebrate the Earth and organizes a clean-up event in collaboration with local partners, community and municipality.