The community of Karmali, Old Goa grapples with dense growth of its settlement, lack of space, unavailability of water, inadequate toilet facility, lack of safety to women & kids, open stormwater drains with grey water, health problems, heavy pollution of water bodies, nearby lake and Important Bird Area at threat and lack of supplementary support from local body or others. The objective of the project was to provide a low-cost eco-friendly toilet with improved sanitation to address the issues listed above. Ecoloo Project envisages sanitation modules replete with grey water recycling through root zone systems, responsibility to the environment, reduces pollution, individual and community modules for maximizing access to all, very little usage of water, built with low cost but longer-lasting materials, and plants used in root zone can be used as food. This project is a collaborative effort between the Global Shapers Panjim Hub, Mitsuko Trust that works with the children of the village and the Karmali Village Panchayat (Local Body). Each unit is estimated to cost a basic Rs 50,000/- and the first phase will need 35 - 40 such units in the village.