Living in a country that is currently witnessing a lot of change and a constant need of development, we have decided to focus our efforts next year around “Education”.
We believe that this theme will help us address one of the most important issues that are critical to the development of our home country. Specifically, we have outlined two main ideas that are presented below.

I am aware!
This project focuses on informal education and awareness. The target age for this project is elementary school children. Through different forms of arts we aim to raise awareness among school children from rural areas in Alexandria. The awareness messages would be addressing different life essential values. These include but are not exclusive to; hand hygiene, respect of others, fairness, tolerance, self-expression and responsible citizenship. The edge of this project is that it uses entertaining forms to deliver the message to children via plays, songs and games.

Education Reform Seminar
Capitalizing on the high connection powers of Global Shapers we aim to invest in best educational practices worldwide. In this project, we will be inviting different speakers specializing in education as recommended by Global Shapers from countries well known for their successful education systems. The idea is to gather all around one focused objective that is a set of ideas that would help improve the education system in Egypt. In a seminar we aim to invite influencers from the Ministry of Education together with the experts from around the world. At the end of the project, we plan to present to the ministry of Education our outcomes. The second part of the project includes country promotion and tourism, as would ensure the guest speakers have had enough chance to explore Egypt.