Education for Livis

During COVID-19, Hooman Koliji, founder and CEO of CREO a Green-Tech Innovation Company, reached out to Global Shapers. He was interested in donating Livis to a local school, hospital, or non-profit. A Livi is a small window planter with micro suction pads or magnets that can stick to planes and smooth surfaces. It comes with a small inset pot that allows easy maintenance and replacement of favorite plants. 

Two Shapers helped Hooman connect with a Public Charter School in West Sacramento, California. The Shapers created a contest for the students to participate in during distance learning. The students that completed the most amount of work on Google Classroom during the month of April were rewarded with a Livi. For the month of May, the students who completed the most grade-level skills on IXL (a new website launched to practice math skills) were also rewarded. Each teacher selected 10 students from their class; five students each month. This also included students working towards the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Our Special Education Coordinator selected five for each month as well. Students that needed technology to complete work were provided with a Chromebook by the school. Assistance with internet access was also provided by the school.