Education to Employment


Young professionals/graduates of Spain and Italy were looking for jobs and in their countries there were very little options. In Germany on the other hand qualified personell was lacking.


Young professionals/graduates of Spain and Italy to be matched with recruiters of German corporations


Members of the Munich hub showed members of hubs in Madrid and Rome which job portals to use for specific job fields so that those hub members of the southern countries could pass this knowledge on to the group looking for jobs. Also Munich hub members reached out to companies that were looking for staff, gathered open positions and passed them on to the hubs in the southern countries. 


  • Youth unemployment rates in Southern Europe are currently at an all time high. In Spain there were more than half of under-25s without a job in 213. At the same time less and less German companies can expand internationally due to the shortage of skilled workers. To be able to face the challenge of the German companies and to offer more young unemployed people in Southern Europe a perspective, the Global Shapers Munich have committed to connect both sides. We have started a pilot project with the Global Shapers Madrid launched recently.

  • Young Spanish will be supported by the pilot project to apply to German companies. Both are linked by the Global Shapers Munich via a so-called "CV Book", which collects relevant CVs from Spain and forwards it to participating companies in Germany. Upon successful implementation of the project, the project will expand to other countries (Greece, France, Italy, Portugal).


  • Create link between Munich Hub, who has the jobs and Rome and Madrid Hub, who had job seekers.


  • Southern graduates/young professionals know more about standards of application and thus lost fear and gained access to participate also on the international job market. German corporations can staff their open positions with qualified candidates.


  • Involved shapers 15

  • Expected reach out to possible candidates 200

  • Reach out to approx. 50 corporations

  • Over 9 months approx. 15 cross-hub meetings

  • Approx. 30 exchanges with corporations

  • Benefit today is still there since the accessibility for international professionals has eased


  • Madrid Hub

  • Rome Hub