Eje Cafetero Economic Forum

Problem Statement:

The Eje Cafetero is a geographical, cultural, economic and ecological region of Colombia, located in the departments of Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío. This region had its economic boom at the beginning of the 20th century with the production of rubber that later migrated to the production of coffee.


Due to the cultural importance and the cultural landscape of the coffee axis, it was declared in 2011 as a World Heritage landscape by UNESCO. Therefore, it was called the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia thanks to the representative geography and culture of the coffee region.


Despite the region's economic boom, it does not have an agenda that reflects the integration of the departments (and their capital cities: Manizales, Pereira and Armenia, respectively).


Target Group:

Eje Cafetero region, Colombia.


Proposed Solution:

The Global Shapers Pereira Hub, in alliance with the Pereira Chamber of Commerce, has created the Eje Cafetero Economic Forum.


This is a space for inclusive participation with high impact at the regional level, which encourages a rapprochement between leaders of different disciplines to debate the challenges that concern the world today.


The format of the Forum consists of a panel of leaders who discuss various topics around the construction of a sustainable future, such as human talent management, economic development in the current and post-pandemic context, sustainability, objectives of sustainable development and gender equity and female empowerment, among others.


The event has been adapted to the socialization conditions imposed by the global pandemic, that is, to a virtual environment of discussion. Once allowed, the forum will be held in person, aiming at the same objectives and principles. 


Hub Activities:

To date the Pereira Hub has organized 3 events hosting 25 speakers which attracted 550 attendees.


Short-Term Goals

- Generate discussion and visibility from presentations, panels and working groups with different regional stakeholders (entrepreneurs, politicians, students, leaders, others)

- Achieve good reputation and credibility of the Forum with the speakers, assistants and other shapers invited to each chapter of the forum.

- Form alliances with other Hubs and leaders who will join the initiative


Long-Term Change

- Activate the interest and participation of the local community, companies, government and civil society.

- Consolidate the Forum as a benchmark of truthfulness, impartiality and clarity in light of the current situation of the Eje Cafetero Region.

- Make visible to citizens the great issues associated with this regional impact, especially from the perspective of the SDGs.

- Foster commitment and action plans in consensus with the participants of each event of the Forum.


Available Metrics:

- 25 speakers

- 3 events

- 550 attendees



Pereira Chamber of Commerce