Embajadores del Agua

Problem Statement

La Guajira faces significant challenges with water and sanitation services, including low coverage, intermittent service, and inadequate water quality, particularly affecting vulnerable indigenous communities.

Target Group

The project aims to support vulnerable indigenous communities in La Guajira, specifically impacting over 200 families lacking access to clean water and sanitation.

Proposed Solution

Providing portable water filters and collaborating with local organizations to address the lack of clean water, aiming to ensure access to safe drinking water for consumption.

Hub Activities

Community visits for education and empowerment on water importance and sustainability.

Distribution of water filters.

Teaching activities promoting SDGs, especially SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation).

Fostering cultural exchange between communities and Riohacha Global Shapers, emphasizing indigenous languages and traditions.

Short-term Goals/Results

Delivering 100 portable water purification systems to families.

Long-term Change: Aiming for a 90% reduction in health issues among children and the community.

Available Metrics

Distribution of 200 filters impacting 200 families and over 800 people.

Involvement of more than 30 volunteers and 6 Shapers in planning and execution.

Project Collaborators

Waves 4 Water: An international non-profit distributing portable water filters.

BAMBALINAS: A social innovation entrepreneurship initiative in La Guajira.

PLANTÚ: An eco-sustainable stationery brand transforming waste into germinable paper for community gardens.

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