Problem & Solution

The Emocionario is a Cross-Hub initiative that was born to serve the purpose of tackling the issue of mental health among leaders. We convene experts on diverse topics to promote a two-way interaction between them and the Shapers in order to foster deep reflections and insights that help others in their leadership exercises.


Goal & Target

Given the importance of this initiative and the strong desire to increase its impact, the hubs of Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cali, decided to join forces to contribute with their experience, expertise and knowledge. Now it is an ongoing initiative that has monthly talks that seeks to reach hundreds of Latin Americans around the world through digital platforms.


The Emocionario was born within the framework of Global Dignity, an initiative born in 2006 during one inspiring conversation at the WEF, where three "Young Global Leaders", Crown Prince Haakon of Norway; John Bryant, CEO and founder of Operation HOPE; and Pekka Himanen, reflected on how polarized the world felt at that time. Since then, Global Dignity has reached over 80 countries and more than a million people through workshops, events and initiatives, such as the Emocionario.

The project has deployed one monthly talk since it started in 2021. 

Since then, the project has forecasted the following talks:

1.   Hablemos de dignidad en la comunidad LGBTIQ+ (Let's talk about dignity in the LGBTIQ community)

2.   Abrazando la incertidumbre (Embracing uncertainty)

3.   Depresión, una cita con el psiquiatra (Depression, an appointment with the psychiatrist) - Special Guest: Dr. Cesar Arango, P.h.D in neurosciences, biomedical sciences magister and Psychiatris M.D. 

4.   Mindfulness, el arte de elegir la paz (Mindfulness, the art of choosing peace)

5.   Niño Interior: Guardián del espíritu alegre (Inner Child: Guardian of the joyful spirit)


To realize Out motto: "Because dignifying the choices of the soul leads us to live mindfully in the present; to heal the past and to allow us to move forward embracing the certainty of a better future".