Empowering Communities For Positive Change

A roundtable discussion was hosted in collaboration with the British Council to provide a platform for positive dialogue and discussion. The event was attended by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and members of the Prince's Trust International as well as Bahrain's Minister of Affairs, Minister of Labour and Social Development, the President of Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities.


A diverse group of Bahrain's society was invited to join in an effort to explore ways to enhance empowerment initiatives through entrepreneurship, education, civic engagement, and active citizenship. Four separate, smaller breakout group sessions were held to explore the different themes and encourage action-oriented problem-solving. 


The deliverables were four proposals for each theme with the following action items:

Entrepreneurship Through Empowering Communities:

  1. Developing a "social hub".

  2. An affordable co-working space with facilities and amenities for social entrepreneurs in addition to mentorship opportunities.

Education Through Empowering Communities :

  1. Implementation of a new program "Edmaj".

  2. To enhance the integration of students in different levels by offering internships and programs to develop employability skills.

  3. Implementation of a "Teacher Empowerment Campaign".

  4. to encourage academic freedom and continuous learning.

Engagement Civic Through Empowering Communities:

  1. Create "Youth Initiative Centers".

  2. To create permanent, sustainable areas for youth to discuss ideas and share knowledge.

Active Citizenship Through Empowering Communities:

  1. Expand the "Young Parliamentarian Program".

  2. Enhance the curriculum and delivery of the "Citizenship" program currently taught in schools.

  3. Delivery of a public campaign on active citizenship.

The project engaged 25 stakeholders from private, public, and social organizations and presented the recommendations to ministers, key decision-makers and HRH Prince Charles.


Strengthened civic engagement.